Please note: Title and Photogenic entries are not considered registered until paid for in full. The links for each Virtual Form can be found below. Title and Photogenic must be submitted and paid for at least one hour prior to dancers performance.

Title Competition:

Title Competition (Miss/Mr Encore): Title is $40 per solo entered, each dancer can enter up to 3 solos for Title. All solos, Division 1 – Division 3, are eligible to participate in the Title Competition. Routines will be judged during their regular solo performance and will be entered into a separate award category. All Title contenders are still considered for overalls in their Age/Division. Title awards are not solely judged on their dance ability. The judges are looking for a dancer who is charismatic, poised and exudes the love of dance. Someone who will be a great representation and face for the Encore brand as well as your studio.  Title awards will be given for the following: Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen, Senior in both Miss and Mr. All dancers in that age level need to compete prior to the award being presented.

**Title winners are not based on Division Level. 

  • Miss Encore winners will receive a beautiful tiara, Title Jacket and Glam’R Gear cosmetic case. 
  • Mr Encore winners will receive a Title Jacket and Glam’R Gear travel case.

 You can find additional information on our website (

AWARDS: Title awards will be announced at the event once all soloists in each respective age group have competed.


  • Please enter information below. All fields are required. Title Entries are $40 per routine, each soloist can enter up to 3 routines for Title. Please use the "+" symbol to enter more than one routine for Title.
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