Misty RasconSmith

A native Texan, Misty RasconSmith has been professionally working in the dance industry for over 15 years. She has had the opportunity to work various areas of this competitive industry, including music videos, commercials, television/ live performances, and even print.   Her extensive dance training, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, salsa, hip hop, and more, has enabled her to balance commercial work with concert work (European tour with Instincts Live Media Dance). She currently dances, choreographs and co-directs for Word In Motion Dance Company, featured on ABC Family’s One-Cubed USA, JCTV, and countless live performances. She has successfully choreographed for a wide range of venues and individuals. Her ability to instruct all levels and numerous genres of dance has enabled her to instruct for the following: Edge Performing Arts Center, Debbie Reynold’s, Word In Motion’s Urban Dance Festival, Project Dance New York, and various intensives and master classes across the United States. She currently teaches for several dance conventions and co-directs Conekt-LA Art Center and the Word In Motion Discipleship Program. Through these avenues, Misty develops, directs, lectures, and mentors. She is a transparent leader, speaking boldly from a heart motivated by a passion necessary for change, purpose, excellence, and acceleration. Her compassion combined with her humor continues to captivate audiences of all ages and professions. Her various styles of choreography and classes have been described as challenging, yet inspirational. Since Ms. RasconSmith discovered the meaning and purpose of her dancing and choreography, she is devoted to challenging and encouraging others to do the same in both life and dance. 

“Always invest and be great at what you do, never forgetting the greatest investment will be in the people you encounter.”